Here’s How You Can Design A Course That Will Keep Learners Engaged

A lot of importance is now given to online courses, especially after the world was grasped by the deadly disease. As individuals were forced inside their houses, online courses became their way of upskilling and adding more to their knowledge. 
This gave rise to the number of online courses and thus skyrocketed the competition in the market. You are now required to design your courses in a manner that you don’t lose your learners. You don’t want your course to be either too hard or too easy for them to attend. 
Keeping the learners motivated and engaged with your course is perhaps the biggest challenge that people are now facing. An enhanced learning experience can play a major role to keep learners engaged. 
There are several learners that join a course enthusiastically but often drop out in a week or two because of monotony. There are various strategies that you should employ to ensure that your learners are not dropping out anytime soon. 
You can find a few basic tips to design the learner-based courses below and ensure engagement. 

  • Adopt a software 
  • A user-experience plays a crucial role in every aspect of digitalization. Thus, you should offer a course that offers an enhanced learning experience for employees. For this, you can adopt various software and tools that are now available. 
    One such tool is a learning management system or an LMS. It is best to get in touch with LMS consultants to find the best tool that fits well with your organization. This tool allows you to create relevant content for people and also allows them to track their performance. 
    When your learners know how well they are performing, they can find their areas of improvement in real-time and start working on them. This keeps them engaged in the course and gives you an upper hand among the competitors. 

  • Tailor content as per learner’s needs 
  • While it’s true that marketing your course perfectly is one of the major steps that should be taken, it is important that your learners are actually receiving the content that will benefit them. Each learner is at a different level when it comes to learning. While one learner might find your course easy, the chances are that others are finding it difficult. 
    Thus, you should tailor the content as per the needs of the learners. You can achieve this by using dynamic course progression. This means that you can add placement quizzes to figure out what the learner needs to cover next. 
    With this, you can ensure that your content is learner-based and it is keeping them engaged. 

  • Break your content into shorter pieces 
  • It is important for you to keep in mind that you should develop a course that will not lead to the learner burning out. The more fatigued and burnout they feel, the lesser they will be attracted to the course. 
    Your learners might be okay with every piece of content that is being delivered to them in the initial stages, but there will come a time when they will simply get tired and lose their focus. Thus, make sure you figure out ways to break your content into shorter pieces. 
    You can ensure your videos are no longer than twenty minutes maximum in a single stretch, for instance. 

  • Add incentives and rewards
  • Awards, certifications, and rewards will make the learner feel their efforts were all worth it. When you have a certification attached to your course, it can make your course see more authentic, genuine, and worth streaming along. 
    Moreover, it always makes learners feel that their knowledge is being acknowledged, no matter what. You can use points or badges as milestones that will keep the learners motivated to earn more. 
    You can use gamification features of a learning management system for the same. 
    Designing an online course might seem like a task to many. However, there are plenty of methods and tools that not only make it easier to create a course but also help be better than others in the market. 

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