Exclusive: GAIN Capital Taps Chasing Returns’ Analytics Services

has partnered with behavioral science-driven analytics platform Chasing Returns to offer its services to the traders on its both UK-based brokerages, Finance Magnates learned exclusively.
This integration will allow traders to further the markets based on the deeper insight into the traders’ behavior. Chasing Returns will show the strength and weakness of the markets, allow traders to set goals and measure performance, and also show how psychology affects their trading habits.
Commenting on this partnership, Oliver Stevens, GAIN Capital’s senior vice president for product, said: “We are delighted to offer our clients this unique additional risk management platform to increase their ability to trade with confidence and to help protect their trading capital.”
AI is Taking Over Trading
The US-headquartered brokerage operator will make the analytical services of Chasing Returns available on both its platforms, FOREX.com and City Index.
GAIN Capital is enhancing its offerings with such a significant partnership for the first time since its . Similarly, other brokerages are bolstering their services with the integration of third-party market analysis tools as well.
“We are delighted to partner with GAIN Capital on this new journey of supporting traders. Individual behavior can greatly impact success in trading, so every trader needs to understand their own unique habits to unlock their true potential,” Chasing Returns CEO, Ann Hunt said.
“We all tend to have a biased view of our own performance. Our decision-making is less rational than we think, and that’s where Performance Analytics comes in. Traders gain insights into their own behavior and the platform then nudges them towards their more successful habits.”

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