Kabu Posts Strong November Demand, FX Volume Skyrockets

Japanese online securities brokerage, Kabu has released its volumetric metrics for all the listed instruments for the month of November, showing a strong uptick across the board, including foreign exchange (forex).
Last month’s on Kabu’s over-the-counter (OTC) forex desks came in at ¥3.71 trillion. In the previous month, the brokerage reported an FX volume of ¥2.75 trillion, meaning there was a month-on-month jump of more than 35 percent in November.
This latest reported figure is only behind the windfall gain the Japanese platform witnessed in March that broke past the ¥5 trillion mark.
Activity on skyrocketed this year as, in November last year, the brokerage reported a total OTC forex volume of ¥1.42 trillion.
Demand Increased across the Markets
Apart from forex, the demand for other instruments also saw a significant spike in demand. The platform reported a total stocks trading volume of ¥2.78 trillion, a month-on-month rise of 14 percent.
The demand for stocks on the Japanese platform jumped significantly in 2020, but the volume dropped significantly compared to most of the months in the first half of this year.
Despite the growth in demand, Kabu saw a slowdown in the influx of new traders. Only 9,411 new accounts were opened with the brokerage last month, taking the total number of accounts to 1,211,890.
Assets under the custody of the brokerage increased to ¥2.42 trillion in November. In the previous month, the platform reported this figure at ¥2.28 trillion. Additionally, it closed last month with a credit balance of ¥220 billion.
Similar to Kabu, FX volumes around the globe increased last month. , , and all reported a significant rise in November’s forex volumes.

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