AETOS Warns Clients Against Fraudulent Clone Website

Australian forex broker today sounded an alarm about a fraudulent clone website that was impersonating its regulated brands. The firm also warned investors to watch out for other websites that claim their services were developed or authorized by AETOS to lure and possibly scam them.
AETOS said an attempt had been made to reproduce its webpage under the fake domain. To this end, the copycat broker was trying to usurp the names and other legal information of AETOS and try to convince them that they are indeed the authorized firm.
“AETOS reminds you that our official website address is; and all information, please refer to the official website announcement. AETOS will never require customers to transfer funds into any third-party person or company for any reason,” the company said.
The cloned site also has a link encouraging potential victims to make deposits, with almost identical wording to the real company, which prompted AETOS to publish the exclusive details of its bank account.

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“All communications should come from a valid AETOS email address (email suffix: @, and should not come from a web email address, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. All companies and individuals who illegally use AETOS information for fraud, once verified, AETOS will take corresponding legal measures to pursue its responsibilities,” the Sydney-based broker said.
AETOS has recently announced that it had renewed its partnership with Sydney FC, which will see the company support the team for a .
Cloned firms are a common fraud in which companies mask their fraudulent activities by using details the same as or similar to those of an authorized entity to give the appearance of trustworthiness and legitimacy.
Hence, global financial regulators advise that investors should be extremely cautious in their financial dealings, and it keeps them informed by drawing attention to suspicious operations and unregulated entities that market participants should abstain from doing business with. In addition, they warn that anyone who ‎chooses to sign up with the impostor should bear in mind that they will not receive the ‎financial authorities’ assistance should things go awry.‎
Today’s announcement is not the first attempt to clone a regulated firm this month, with a fake website surfacing yesterday which claimed to be offering managed accounts on behalf of , a product that the company does not support.

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