Covid-19 Disrupted the Labour Market. New Fintech App Helps Africa

The challenges have left many individuals all around the world without a job and perspective for the future.
Moreover, people who have vast knowledge in different areas have a hard time finding a vacant position, and this is, to put it mildly, discouraging.
However, at the same time, recruiting agencies and educational platforms such as inform that in their opinion, big names in the financial industry find it more difficult than earlier to recruit the right talents for their business.
‘Not logical, is it? Yet it is true!’, says the CEO of , Metin Ismetov.
‘The Covid-19 situation pushed companies to complete their digital transformation, and working from home became a common practice. This helped many businesses and families stay afloat in these uncertain times, and it is a definite step in the direction we want to go in regarding the employee-employer relationship. Nevertheless, this practice does not solve all problems and challenges. Being international, the financial industry is in need of partners from all around the world, but right now travelling and doing live interviews with foreign citizens is rather difficult,’ continued Metin.
His company seems to have found this niche and is now creating a digital environment where motivated people can not only get access to free financial education but also complete an educational course which qualifies them for an internship or even a partnership deal with some of Nobosso’s European partners.
‘We see the good cooperation between a company and a professional more as a partnership than as a boss-employee relationship. Our mission is to help everyone have equal access to education and life opportunities and our unique business model allows us not only to change the world of educational platforms by providing a free product but also to improve the recruitment segment by offering financial companies access to highly qualified candidates.’
When asked how the company guarantees their partners that the users who have finished the NoBosso course are indeed qualified in the financial field, Metin gave a thorough answer explaining how the whole course works.
‘To graduate our digital academy, the users need to pass our educational course consisting of 5 levels with various questions. During each level, they collect points for their correct answers. When they have enough points, they are allowed to pass to the next level. Since our main goal is to educate people, for each question the users have to answer, they get the chance to take a lesson which will help them find the needed information. By giving correct answers, they will be able to gather enough points and reach the next level.’
Covid-19 Crisis Calculator
Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the resulting financial crisis, unemployment rates are soaring all around the world. This means nothing but difficulties for the average person. Nobosso supports its users in this regard too.
The Covid-19 Crisis Calculator helps the users manage their own finance, build personal financial discipline, follow the progress of their net worth, and get through tough times.
‘The first step to becoming a money manager is to get on top of your personal finance!’ Metin concludes.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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