Moscow Exchange Reports Stable FX Volumes at $377 Billion

Foreign exchange trading out of Russia regained its upward route in October 2020, having risen 23 percent compared with a year earlier. But, at RUB 1.357 trillion ($17.5 billion) a day, it was slightly down in dollar terms from the equivalent in the prior month, a report by Moscow Exchange () showed on Tuesday.
Overall, volumes at were largely depressed by a continuing fall off in spot currency trading, according to industry reports seen yesterday.

MOEX’s total FX market turnover was virtually unchanged at RUB 29.9 trillion ($377 billion) last month, down 1.3 percent month-over-month from $382 billion in September 2020. Compared with volumes from the same month a year earlier, this figure was up 23 percent from RUB 24.2 trillion in October 2019, but the topline increase in nominal Ruble value hides less activity when priced in the greenback.
The average daily volumes in October 2020 reached RUB 1.358 trillion ($17.5 billion), down -2.2 percent in dollar terms against RUB 1.357 trillion ($17.9 billion) in the prior month, Moex said in a statement. Year-over-year, the ADV figure was up 7 percent from RUB 1.053 trillion ($16.4 billion) in 2019.
Additionally, October 2020’s turnover included spot trades of RUB 8.8 trillion ($111 billion), up 54 percent from a year ago, and ‎swap trades coming in at RUB 21 trillion ($265 billion).
Investors’ interest in OTC derivatives trading at Moscow Exchange continued its strong momentum in 2020 buoyed by a steady rise in volatility, coupled with a multi-year effort to bring new business to the platform.
According to its recent report, open interest on MOEX’s standardised OTC derivatives market was RUB 667.6 billion at the end of October 2020. Furthermore, Derivatives Market volumes increased by 62.8% to RUB 12.6 trillion compared to RUB 7.8 trillion the previous year.
Moscow Exchange’s derivatives offering lines up swaps, FX swaps, cross-currency swaps, FX forwards and options with maturities from three days to five years.

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