ACY Securities Speaks on COVID-19, Tim Cahill and its Trading Cup

2020 has been a bumpy ride and has left brokerages on their toes having to juggle heightened volatility, unprecedented market moves and remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although COVID-19 has brought with it many challenges, for brokers, such as ACY Securities, it has brought plenty of opportunities.
We recently sat down with Justin Pooni, Head of Branding & Communications at ACY Securities. The has been particularly busy these past 12 months expanding its brand both in Australia, where it is headquartered and internationally. The last time we caught up with the company, it was in the middle of the pandemic.

As , ACY Securities reported a substantial uptick in trading volumes and a record number of new clients. So when we spoke with Justin, we asked if the upward momentum has continued.
“During the pandemic we had a situation where many people were in lockdown at home and there was increased market volatility at the same time,” he explained. “This set of conditions probably created an environment where people had the time to look into the markets and triggered them to trade in the opportunities they identified.
“Although the momentum brought on by the pandemic has cooled a little, demand for trading and our trading services remains strong.”
What Sets ACY Securities Apart from Other Brokers in the Industry?
At ACY Securities, we are all about empowering clients. We understand what it takes to trade in the markets, and we arm our clients with the technology, knowledge and resources they need to be the traders they aspire to be. 
We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional trading environment through ultra-fast execution speed, extremely low cost trading, tradeable market analysis, and cut-through education that clients can grow from. This is what gives us our competitive edge and a value proposition that is hard to ignore.
Additionally, being an innovative FinTech broker at the forefront of creating new technologies, we strive to deliver a better, more seamless trading experience for our clients.
Innovation is ingrained in the company’s DNA, and we are not afraid to think outside the box to create solutions that lead to better customer experience across the trading eco-system.
You Recently Launched Global Stocks through MT5 Xchange. What Was the Motivation Behind This Move and How Has It Been Received So Far?
Yes, that’s right, we launched our in April this year, which has been very popular with traders worldwide.
MT5 Xchange provides a true multi-asset experience to our clients and gives them the option to diversify their trading portfolios. But, the big highlights of the ACY Securities MT5 Xchange platform is that it allows you to trade global share CFDs, such as Apple, Coke-a-cola and Amazon with leverage as high as 1:25, which is amongst the highest in the industry.
There are not many brokers out there that offer their clients global share CFDs or leverage as high as 1:25 on MT5 when it comes to share CFDs, but at ACY Securities you get them both. That is why the platform has been so popular. 
With access to over 700 instruments, ACY Securities’ MT5 Xchange platform further features 1:500 leverage on FX, metals and oil, with zero commissions and a minimum deposit of $50 to get started.
It is essentially a powerful, all-inclusive, fully integrated solution providing traders access to the full range of financial instruments at their fingertips. One account and one login and you can trade across 5 asset classes.
Can You Tell Us about Your Partnership with Tim Cahill?
We are delighted to have as our Global Brand Ambassador and Official Trading Partner. He is an iconic Australian, an accomplished and respected global footballer, is heavily involved in the business world, is a great family man and somebody who is actively giving back to the global community through his many international initiatives. 
In retirement, Tim is keen to learn how to trade the markets and grow his investment options, and we are pleased he has chosen ACY Securities to be his partner on this journey.
We have received extremely positive feedback about the partnership from our clients and partners, Tim’s fans and the trading industry, and I think the reason for that is there are strong synergies between Tim and ACY Securities that are resonating well. 
Tim values trust, integrity, pushing yourself to achieve your goals and helping people improve their lives. These are very much the same things that our co-founders, Jimmy Ye and Winson Cao stand for and what the ACY Securities brand represents. 
You Are Currently Having Your 2020 Trading Cup, Can You Tell Us a Bit More about This?
The is an international live trading tournament where traders around the world battle each other in a competitive environment for a share in the US$150,000 prize pool.
With 6 stages that run for a month each, the Trading Cup contest is the only one of its kind in the world, with a UFC style 1-hour Grand Final taking place to crown the best performing trader.
Last year’s Grand Final was broadcast live around the world from the Studio City e-Sports arena in Macau, and this year the Grand Final is slated to take place in either Singapore or Dubai.
We are currently in Stage 4 of the competition, and traders can join at any stage. To see how the top 10 traders are performing in Stage 4 (the Leaderboard is updated every hour), or to enter Stage 4 of the competition, visit the tournament’s official website
What’s in Store for ACY Securities in the Next 12 Months?
Absolutely, we have certainly achieved a lot in the past 12 months, and I am very happy with our value proposition and market positioning so far. We have a powerful competitive edge coupled with a solid track record of regulatory compliance and transparency in our processes, and clients have rewarded us though their ongoing loyalty.
But, we still have a lot to achieve and deliver. We want to be transformative as a broker. In the next 12 months, you will see new products and instruments, even faster speeds of execution, and a more seamless customer experience. 
Clients are our top priority, so we will be allocating even more human resources to optimise our client communications, including rolling out new feedback/surveys infrastructure. Thus, we can better understand our clients at a deeper level and service them accordingly.
We’ll be launching ACY Partners, complete with its own dedicated team and brand new website ( to help our partners achieve the growth and success they aspire to.
You can also expect to see new offices pop up around the world, particularly in Asia and the Middle East.
Finally, we will continue working on new and exciting tech products that provide better functionality and a superior user experience for our clients. Our dedicated client portal, ACY Cloud, which is one of the best in the industry is a great example of our fintech innovation at work. We can expect to see more of our fintech side shining through to provide a better customer experience across the board.

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