Analysis: UAE and Saudi FX Traders Investing the Most

Although May and June are already behind us, there were interesting developments which are worth further analysis.
takes a closer look at the latest data from , highlighting key improvements. Where are FX Traders Investing the most?

The first thing that catches the eye is the closest proximity in a year of all three leading metrics that we have analyzed. The average deposit, withdrawal and first-time deposits are all within the range of $2,307 and $2,660. The lower value of these two describes the average size of a single deposit sent to an account, and the higher value represents the average size of a withdrawal.

Another interesting observation is related to the activity of retail traders. For the third month in a row, the top activity is close to 260 transactions per trader. Also, the minimum value of this top 10 rank is stable, at around the 200 transactions mark. That is noticeably higher than it was last year, where even the highest value was below 200.
Not surprisingly China held the first position with 260 transactions on average, being made in June by single Chinese traders. Quite surprisingly, second, was Romania with 247 transactions, which was made by average traders in Romania.
The Middle East FX Traders Investing the Most

When it comes to the average value of all deposits sent to trading accounts in June, had the highest result. Brokers approaching the Middle East region will be happy to know that the average Saudi trader sent $16,306 to a trading account in June. Additionally, the next place is held by a representative of the region, UAE, with over $13,200 sent to an account by the average FX trader from this country.
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