Solitics is a Must Have for Brokers, Adds New Integration

Following the news about its integration with Metatrader and being able to display pop-up messages in real-time to traders on the desktop app, introduces a new set of capabilities, providing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s the most suitable platform for brokers.
Solitics’ integration with third-party content providers enables brokers to provide a unique added value to their traders who need up-to-date information on the commodities they invest in.

Whether it’s the latest change in the dollar value or a sudden rise in the value of gold, traders rely on information to make decisions.
Third-party tools like , and SignalCentre can provide this data, and Solitics makes it accessible in real time.
For brokers, it’s a golden opportunity to offer a significant added value to their traders. Unlike the iGaming industry, trading regulations prevent brokers from offering bonuses, making it more important than ever to provide added value that really makes a difference.
Solitics does that, by offering everything companies need to leverage the power of data in one place. It’s no wonder that companies using Solitics today are generating over 15% growth in revenue and increasing customer conversion and retention rates thanks to Solitics’ ability to easily integrate with any data source, including third-party content providers.
The Data Is There – Getting It and Using It Are the Problems
These third-party content providers offer API and integration options to brokers, but unfortunately, it’s far from simple to actually get it done.
In order to integrate with these tools, brokers need to invest significant resources and time in development and QA instead of focusing on their core business.
Even if they do integrate it, using that data becomes another challenge. How do they present that information to the right traders based on their interests, at the right time and on the right channels?
Yes, the data is there and it’s definitely important, but brokers need to be able to access it and use it properly in order to benefit from it – and that’s where Solitics comes in.
One Platform to Rule Them All
Solitics is a real-time data management and marketing automation platform that is already integrated with various third-party tools and providers.
Unique in its data capabilities, Solitics integrates with and processes data in real time from numerous sources, including third-party tools like Trading Central and SignalCentre, and makes it all accessible and usable in one place.
Real-time updates and breaking news encourage traders to continue to trade and stay engaged with the broker, but as with everything – it’s important to be at the right place, at the right time.
Solitics enables brokers to present these notifications on any channel, from emails and SMS to push notifications and even in-site popups, including on the Metatrader application.
Traders can get relevant popups with critical information while they’re on the site, when it matters – significantly increasing the chances that they take action while providing them with a more positive and efficient trading experience.
With Solitics, companies can easily create dynamic segmentations that are updated automatically based on their traders’ progress and behavior.
Furthermore, they can target customers based on actions and member attributes. This enables them to create highly-targeted and personalized customer journeys for each trader based on their interests, progress, and behavior, and respond in real time to all their actions or inactions.
So, if a trader is only interested in gold and the price of gold just changed, they’ll automatically get a notification letting them know about it with content adjusted to their specific behavioral history.
Trading companies that work with Solitics benefit from one platform to and manage all of their data, as well as use it – with all of the marketing automation tools and integrations needed to plan, automate, and execute their data-driven marketing strategies.
Solitics continues to prove that it is the most suitable platform for companies in the trading industry thanks to its integration, real-time, and data management capabilities.
Whatever the next innovation or smart tool is in the industry, makes it accessible and usable in one intuitive platform.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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