CONSOB Blacklists 11 Websites for Operating Without Authorisation

The (CONSOB) announced this Friday that it has blacklisted 11 websites, as part of its mission to remove companies operating in Italy without authorisation.
According to the statement from the Italian regulator today, CONSOB, the regulator responsible for Italy’s securities market, has ordered the following websites to be obscured:

  • Dinengo Partners LTD (site internet, and their pages and;
  • Jean Pierre Technologies LTD (site internet, and their pages and;
  • KBS Capital Markets LTD (site internet and its page);
  • NorthfintechFX Trading Services Ltd (website internet and its page);
  • “Wallwood Broker ” (site internet;
  • “247 First Invest ” (site internet;
  • Uptos Ltd (website internet;
  • Equalizer Ltd (website internet
  • “Inter Media Ltd ” (site internet;
  • “Acquantum AG ” (site internet;
  • “Matrix Bench ” (site internet https //
  • With the 11 new websites identified, the total number of websites which have been obscured by CONSOB since July of 2019 has risen to 279. The actions taken by the regulator on Friday are part of its expanded powers to order the blackout of abusive financial intermediaries websites.
    Specifically, the Italian regulator found new tools to address illegal operators in the market when the “Growth Decree” extended its powers far beyond. Thanks to the decree, CONSOB can order Italian internet service providers (ISPs) to block websites in the region.
    “The sites are being blocked by internet connectivity providers operating in Italy. For technical reasons, the actual blackout may take a few days,” the company said in its statement today.
    CONSOB continues to protect consumers
    CONSOB is very active in its role of protecting Italian consumers from financial scams. As , the regulator recently warned against seven entities that are not allowed to offer financial services in Italy but continue to solicit investments from locals.

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