Brave Browser Delves Further into Crypto with Gemini Integration

Web browser Brave is expanding its cryptocurrency features with an integration with cryptocurrency exchange . Brave users will be able to buy, trade and receive crypto assets directly through Gemini Trading Widget.
The company behind the privacy-oriented browser said users can access the “Gemini card” directly on the new tab page to trade any crypto asset listed on . Within its attention-based rewards ecosystem, users are also provided with an option to view their balances, and obtain deposit addresses without leaving the browser.

Users can turn it off and hide the widget directly  or by managing their settings.
Both companies didn’t reveal the business aspects of the partnership. But browsers like Brave typically generate revenue based on how much traffic they send to search engines or other sites. It also pays users in its own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), to view ads without accessing users’ personal data.
“In addition, all Brave-verified content creators can custody their digital assets in a Gemini Creator Wallet. That means Brave creators can receive their BAT payments into their Gemini Creator Wallet, or in any other fiat or crypto asset supported on Gemini’s Exchange,” Gemini further states.
Brave continues to play around with cryptocurrencies
According to the announcement, the cooperation is an important step in Brave’s strategy to boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies and facilitate their access for its users.
In addition to a particular focus on privacy, Brave has been developing an in-browser crypto trading tool for a while. The addition of more options puts the open-source browser more squarely in the race with other crypto-focused browsers, like .
 are already able to freely exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance within the comfort of their browser.
On top of that, they are also be able to explore a plethora of relevant functions, including buying, depositing, trading, and viewing summaries, thus eliminating the need for other applications.
Within its attention-based rewards ecosystem, users are provided with an option to trade on both the and  platforms.

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