How To Stage Your Home So It Sells Fast

Selling your home is already a challenging feat in itself, let alone when your target market comprises of investors. No matter how beautiful, modern or new your house may be, there are always other homes that may have a similar or even better quality than yours. Despite the many potential homebuyers, the competition remains strong. This only adds up to the challenge of doing everything you can to ensure your home gets sold.
One of the best ways you can gain a competitive advantage is by staging your home. This means organizing your home in a certain way to make it appeal to a common denominator of buyers. This can include depersonalizing your home and taking away belongings and items that might not sit well with some buyers. The point is to make it look more marketable and attractive to potential investors.
That said, here are some of these tips in staging your home so that it sells fast:

  • Keep The Decoration Neutral
  • Neutral doesn’t mean boring. In home staging, this means toning down décor that may seem too artsy, or repainting the walls to reflect more subtle hues instead of bright ones.
    Since your potential home buyers in Boise are investors, you may want to give them a blank canvas to start by creating a balance of colors that will sit well with both older and younger generations. To be safe, avoid including furniture that might look too artsy and go for more functional or minimalistic ones.

  • Make Small Repairs
  • When you’re selling your home to investors such as Very Fast Home Buyers, you don’t need to make any major repairs. Most of these investors might have plans of flipping the house anyway. Keep in mind, however, that not accomplishing repairs or renovations means you should be ready to accept a lower asking price for your house.
    But be that as it may, you can still choose to make minor repairs that aren’t costly and time-consuming. For example, tightening door knobs or replacing those that are worn out, and even switching broken outlets can help clean up your home inexpensively.

  • Declutter The Entire House
  • You can’t stage your home successfully if there’s clutter sitting everywhere. When there are too many things going on in your home, this can be an eyesore to potential investors. So, you’ll want to keep things a little bit neater and more subdued. Since you’re selling the house, it’s a good idea to start packing up belongings that you won’t even use while you’re still there. You can store them away in an extra space or rent temporary storage for it.
    Go through each room in your house and don’t de-clutter as a one-day, last-minute activity. You won’t have ample time to properly stage your house and you will likely find this too much of a chore to even finish.

  • Remove Personal Items
  • You don’t want to display your family’s memorabilia and personal items to potential investors since these won’t have any bearing on them. In fact, it may even turn them away from buying your home.
    Investors looking to buy houses usually have the intention of reselling the home. So, you’ve got to give them enough room to play with their imagination and business mindset when they’re going over your house. Keep this in mind as you stage your home.
    Generally, they’ll look through each area to see whether or not every nook and cranny can lead to better profitability when they resell your home. They’ll also be thinking about the ways in which they can flip your house. You’re only going to make this process harder for them when there are so many personal belongings lingering around your home.

  • Focus On Your Home’s Curb Appeal
  • First impressions last and indeed there’s much truth to this saying. If there’s one major aspect of your home that you should never leave behind when staging, this is your façade or your curb appeal. This is the area that has the biggest impact on potential homebuyers, particularly investors. After all, this is the entrance to your home and you’ll want it to be as inviting as possible.
    Here are some tips that you can apply in fixing up your home’s curb:

  • Have the front lawn mowed and remove plants or bushes that only make it look cluttered
  • Have your windows power-washed and the gutters cleaned
  • Fill pots with beautiful plants and flowers 
  • Conclusion
    Selling a home can be an overwhelming process. After all, when you’ve lived there your entire life, this would also mean that you’ve accumulated so many belongings and clutter that you’ll be forced to sift through. That’s only the beginning of the many things that you must do to make your home attractive to investors as your homebuyers. The tips enumerated above can give you the good head start that you need.
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