Bitmain Delays Antminer Shipments Citing Management Chaos

, the leading Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, is delaying its shipments by three months as the power tussle between its co-founders, Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan Ketuan, is heating up.
In its official WeChat account, the Beijing-headquartered company posted that the customers, who were about to receive the shipment of their orders in June and July, will have to wait till September and October.

The announcement highlighted that the delay is a result of “external interference over the company’s management.”
Bitmain’s WeChat account is currently in control of Wu’s team.
Notably, Bitmain usually takes pre-orders for its latest Antminers and sharts shipping the orders after two to three months, meaning the orders due for shipment in June and July might have placed as early as March and April.
The miner manufacturer, however, is also giving two options to its affected customers – they can either send a speed up request letter to Bitmain, and if they do not receive their shipment within 60 days of the notice, they can cancel their order, or they can wait till the company process the orders. 
In the second case, the customers will receive theoretical mining revenue for the delayed period in the form of cash coupons which can be utilized in future purchases.
Bitmain customers cannot take advantage of the two offers simultaneously.
The battle between the co-founders
Though both Wu and Zhan co-led the miner manufacturer giant for years, Zhan was last year as his business partner took all control. The power tussle got ugly as both were fighting in legal fronts and also engaged in a weird power show-off.
Earlier this year, the court also partially over the legal representation of the company. He also reportedly entered the Bitmain headquarters with personal guards, showing his dominance.
He holds 37 percent of the company shares and is its largest stakeholder.
Whatever may be the outcome of this power-tussle, the effect on the orders might give an advantage to Bitmain competitors.

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