TraderEvolution Enables Access to Borsa Istanbul via Integration

TraderEvolution has announced another market partnership this Tuesday, with the multi-market online trading platform provider teaming up with .
Under the agreement, TraderEvolution will be offering connectivity to the Borsa Istanbul, the sole exchange entity in Turkey. In particular, is enabling access to all equities and derivatives traded on the stock exchange.

Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global
Source: LinkedIn
Commenting on the news, the CEO of TraderEvolution, Roman Nalivayko said in the statement: “We are very proud to have successfully integrated our trading platform with Borsa Istanbul. This milestone underpins our commitment to deliver a true multi-market platform to the online trading industry.”
“Every customer using the trading platform who wants to get connected to the Istanbul stock exchange can with our platform get instant access to market data and trade delivery. There is no need for the development or integration of any APIs as our product is ready to connect out of the box.”
TraderEvolution continues to integrate with market players
TraderEvolution provides multi-market trading platforms, including back-end and a full set of front-end trading platforms that have connectivity to dozens of markets across the world.
The startup has integrated with a number of companies in recent months. As , the company has partnered with Trading Central, , and more.
“Positioning itself as a regional hub for investment in the effort of creating financial center in İstanbul, Borsa İstanbul invests heavily to improve its technology and accessibility of its markets,” added lpogan Sabri Erdogan, Executive Vice President at Borsa İstanbul in the statement. 
“To reach this goal, Borsa İstanbul is not only expanding its colocation area to facilitate greater number of customers but also is trying to make Borsa İstanbul’s market available to end-client platforms to reach more investors worldwide. Trader Evolution’s integration helps our existing and potential investors to access to our market and data secure and easy way.”

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