MergeCenter Launches M&A Advisory Service for FX, Fintech Industries

A trio of FX industry veterans have launched advisory boutique firm MergeCenter, billed as the go-to hub for for the international online brokerage industry. The new initiative is exclusively focused on providing strategic and financial advisory services for making investments in lower-to-mid market businesses across the brokerage and Fintech sectors.
MergeCenter is led by a team with a multi-decade combined experience, who cut their teeth operating online brokerages, industry news agencies, conferences, and events, as well as self-regulatory and compliance solutions businesses.

The independent advisory firm was founded by , who kickstarted his career as a trading desk assistant back in 1999 before spending the vast majority in different senior roles at FX brokers and self-industry regulators, and who brings a 17-year experience where he advised on three major Forex projects, leveraged buyouts and other corporate transactions.
, CEO and founder of Finance Magnets, is acting as an advisor to MergeCenter’s board of directors.
While there are similar services that focus on technology, and other groups that focus on financial services, MergeCenter combines the two disciplines to adequately serve providers across the derivatives industry spanning forex, CFDs, and alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies.
The company caters to private and midsize companies that are seeking strategic advice, private capital, and financial restructuring. It also helps more diversified M&A market participants who are looking for acquisitions or divestitures to maintain their respective leadership positions.
According to its website, MergeCenter provides the following range of end-to-end advisory solutions to the online brokerage industry:

  • Board and management advisory
  • Due diligence
  • Business Analysis
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Earnings review
  • Valuation modeling
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Legal guidance through 3rd parties
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Compliance solutions and assessment
  • MergeCenter will leverage its partners’ know-how and solid relationships within the FX and CFDs industry to connect parties of interest to engage in negotiations for the financing of structured acquisitions and mergers. It also helps scanning strategy & business model from the investor’s point of view; the activity is then focused on the selection of the eligible M&A targets or potential investors, in light of the client’s needs, and ultimately leading the transaction to the deal closing on proper terms and timing.
    “Companies with specific or general M&A-needs come to MergeCenter because they trust its founders to deliver answers and solutions or to know who to put them in touch with that can help, such as when you are seeking to acquire or to sell a related fintech business,” MergeCenter says.

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