Colt Technology Launches IP Access On Demand in Asia

Colt Technology Services, a , announced this Tuesday that it has launched its premium business Internet offering, IP Access, in Asia.
IP Access is available via Colt’s SDN-enabled On Demand platform. The telecommunication company’s On Demand capability, according to the statement published today, provides companies with access to high bandwidth, agile, Internet connectivity provisioned in near-real-time.

Colt On Demand expands across Asia, US and Europe
With the expansion into Asia, Colt’s On Demand offering is now available in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The platform is also available in the US and it has recently expanded to include more countries in Europe.
The IP Access product provided by Colt, is supported by the Colt IQ Network. This network is made up of more than 900 data centres and 29,000 on net building globally, the company said.
Commenting on the launch, Masato Hoshino, Colt Technology Services President, and Head of Asia, said in the statement today: “The business environment of today requires unprecedented flexibility. Now more than ever, enterprises need connectivity solutions that can react to business challenges in real-time for them to be an actual differentiator. 
“Customers can now react instantly to their IP requirements based on the demands of remote working needs rather than wait. Colt’s On Demand offering has always been innovative, and adding IP Access to our On Demand portfolio reaffirms our market-leading position in the SDN market.
“We are not aware of any other providers who are able to offer IP Access On Demand services on this scale; to hundreds of data centres and tens of thousands of enterprise buildings. Colt is prioritising giving more control to our customers because we know enterprises today require high bandwidth, on-demand solutions to truly drive their continual digital transformations.”
Colt Technology provides global network and voice services, ranging from optical, ethernet, capital markets, cybersecurity and more.

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