Exclusive: Global Prime Recruits Angus Walker as General Manager

Global Prime, , has managed to secure IC Markets veteran Angus Walker, as its General Manager, Finance Magnates has learned exclusively this Thursday.
As the General Manager of Global Prime, Walker was hired to deliver the company’s ambitious growth goals. The first nine months have seen the addition of a new financial services license, more PSPs, product improvements (spreads and range), the rollout of a new trading platform, new partners platform and program relaunch, complete marketing overhaul with a new website and more, he told Finance Magnates.

Walker was recruited by the brokerage in October of 2019. He was hired to grow the retail side of the company into a global contender. According to Walker, after several meetings with Elan Bension and Jeremy Kinstlinger, the Co-Founders of Global Prime, the three discovered that they shared the same values and vision for the company – to push an ethical business model.
Angus Walker: Global Prime ticked all the boxes
Speaking to Finance Magnates, Walker explained his motivation for joining Global Prime: “I wanted to test my mettle with a company that had a strong foundation, but missing the edge it needed to grow into a real global contender. Global Prime’s ethical dealing model, strong reputation, and eager stakeholders ticked all the boxes for me.”
Walker joins the broker after more than nine years with . During his time with the Australian retail foreign exchange (forex) broker, the company quadrupled in size, to become the largest in the world during his tenure as General Manager and Director, between late 2015 and mid-2019.
When asked why he left IC Markets, Walker said: “The best part of flying is the ascent and descent. Arbitrary changes in altitude when you’re cruising at 33,000 feet are not inspiring.”
As for why it has taken such a long time to announce his new position, Walker outlined that he was waiting to see if Global Prime was going to be the right fit.
“Not many companies can tolerate a perpetually unhappy person like myself,” he continued. “As it turns out, the positivity, camaraderie and community of Global Prime is the perfect yin to my yang. I’ve given them nine months to fire me and I’m still here.
“Additionally, everything is pointing in the right direction. It’s onward and upward for Global Prime!”

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