SugarCane Capital Launches FX Brokerage

, a London-based FX broker, has launched its services on Monday, offering deliverable foreign exchange and payments services for private and corporate clients.
The core services of the platform include FX deliverables and FX forwards, both fixed and window. The platform will also support multi-currency accounts with international payments.

“Despite the , there is no escaping how foreign exchange markets remain at the very heart of cross-border trade,” Robert Brown, co-founder and CEO of SugarCane Capital, said.
“The current climate will however see even greater scrutiny of service cost and quality, two factors which are key to the SugarCane Capital proposition. We look forward to working with both new and existing clients to offer a wide range of services and solutions which are aimed at reducing their costs and saving them time.”
Brown has extensive experience in the institutional FX industry and spent years in LMAX and CMC Markets. Richard Cockburn is the other co-founder and is holding the position of commercial director at the brokerage. He is an expert banker with experience from Julius Baer and JP Morgan, among others.
Fulfilling all currency-related demands for its clients
SugarCane Capital is regulated in the United Kingdom by both FCA and HMRC. It is launching its full services following a soft launch last February for a small number of clients.
The is primarily tapping clients including margin brokers, international exporters especially in the food and beverage industry, and other internationally exposed companies, along with “a handful of” high net worth individuals.
It is also offering joint-partnership services including transaction and trade finance, FX data analytics, AI-based Risk Forecasting, and FX Liquidity Introductions.
One of the partners is Just technologies that offer real-time FX rates benchmarks. The broker also partnered with a trade finance company to provide credit lines to its clients.
The company revealed to Finance Magnates that it also has plans for adding more products and services, with a long term goal of business expansion, after raising capital.

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