Exclusive: Genghis Capital Taps EGM Securities for Services Expansion

Genghis Capital, an investment bank in , has partnered with EGM Securities, a regulated multi-asset broker in the country, to expand its offerings with the alternative asset classes.
Shared exclusively with Finance Magnates, Genghis new services will include online currencies, commodities, global indices, precious metals, and oil, along with global stocks in high demand.

CEO of EGM Securities, Samwel Kiraka
“Our quick to market approach to partner with Genghis was made possible by being part of a global group of companies with access to teams of specialists who can efficiently develop bespoke solutions for banks and brokerage houses, no matter the ask,” Samwel Kiraka, CEO of EGM Securities, said.
EGM Securities is the Kenya-based operations of  It is one of the only in Kenya and was the first to receive the license.
“Our ambition is to be the premier provider of multi-asset products in Kenya, East Africa, and the rest of Africa. We will achieve this by partnering with well-respected corporates such as Genghis,” Kiraka added.
Responding to the post-COVID-19 market demand
The brokerage also reacted quickly to keep up with the market demand amid COVID-19 pandemic and added tech, airline, and oil stocks, along with some popular pharma companies which are actively working on vaccines for Coronavirus.
“We are always looking to expand our offering while focusing on making investing an easy and straightforward process,” Kenneth Minjire, head of securities for Genghis Capital, added.
“We consider the partnership with EGM Securities as part of that mandate. We want to offer our clients additional options and exposure when it comes to investment vehicles. Since EGM Securities is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and Genghis has sophisticated clients willing to explore new asset classes for attractive returns, a partnership between our two companies is a natural fit.”

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