Kabu Metrics Continue to Fall MoM in May, FX Falls

After reporting a solid performance in May, Kabu, an online securities brokerage, has revealed its business metrics for the month of May, making it one of the latest trading providers to report a continued drop in performance from the highs seen in March.
As , back in March, Kabu posted solid metrics during the month, boosted by , which has given the trading markets a new sense of life. However, in May, has largely reported a drop in its metrics, following the declining trend which was also witnessed in April. 

During the month, the number of securities accounts increased to 1,161,765, with 6,535 new accounts added during the month. The number of newly opened accounts in May was 6,913, which is 2,799 more than what was opened in the previous month.
Taking a look at trading activity, the monthly trading value of stocks in May was ¥2.44 trillion. When measuring this against the previous month, the trading value has fallen by 13.1 per cent, down from ¥28.02 in April.
OTC FX trading falls on Kabu
In the fifth month of the year, Kabu noted an over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange (forex) monthly trading value of ¥2.07 trillion. Comparing this against the previous month, the trading value has fallen by 8.1 per cent. May’s value is the weakest reported by the broker since January of this year.
In May, the futures monthly trading value also declined on a monthly comparison, falling from ¥3.49 trillion in April down to ¥2.68 trillion in May, which represents a decline of 23.1 per cent.
Taking a look at Kabu’s B2B2C results, the number of financial product brokerage accounts grew by 2,730 to reach 95,669 accounts by the end of May. During the month, the ASP OTC FX monthly trading value for the month was ¥361.40 billion. When weighing this against the previous month, it has dropped by 24.9 per cent.

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