Integral Sees Decline in May Volume as Markets Normalizing

Integral, an institutional trading platform, announced on Tuesday a decline in monthly trading volume for May with a total of $32.6 billion.
This the second month the platform is recording a volume decline after posting .

With last month’s figure the platform’s volume went down by 7.1 percent compared to , however, comparing with the same month last year, the trading platform is seeing a growth of 6.9 percent.
Integral clients include banks, brokers, and asset managers, and its volumes in March skyrocketed as the institutions jumped into the market with increased volatility triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak.
The volatility is gone from the market
For March, the platform posted $55.6 billion in volumes across all its platforms – that was a jump of 40 percent on a month scale and 43 percent when measured against the same period of the previous year.
The Silicon Vally-headquartered company also pointed out that the slumping numbers are primarily due to changing market conditions as the global markets are normalizing from the volatility.
Integral has recently made a push into the FX prime brokerage space with the launch of TrueFX, in partnership with Jefferies FXPB. Additionally, Russia’s largest lender Sberbank has partnered with Integral last week to extend its eFX liquidity distribution.
Notably, Integral is not the only platform reporting declining figures as it was not alone in shouting a record March.
Finance Magnates reported today that and reported a decline in its monthly volume for May while Cboe FX disclosed slightly higher figures for last month than April.

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