Exclusive: George Stylianou Joins NAGA as Chief Operating Officer

NAGA has secured a new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Finance Magnates has learned exclusively, with George Stylianou taking on the leading role at the .
Stylianou started his new role as the COO of NAGA on the 1st of May 2020, he confirmed to Finance Magnates. As the COO, he will be responsible for developing and improving a team of professionals and monitoring their performance.

His internal goals will be the overall improvement and efficiency of advertising and marketing ROI, websites, direct retail sales and retention and the overall quality of services such as customer support, payment systems and account opening, Stylianou said. 
George Stylianou to support NAGA expansion
As the COO, he will also be responsible for expansion into new territories and the launch of new products and services. All of his duties will ultimately serve to meet NAGA’s financial goals, optimise costs and increase profits, Stylianou added.
Speaking to Finance Magnates on his motivation to join NAGA, Stylianou explained: “At my first meeting with two of NAGA’s Executives, I was invited for an early dinner at a local seaside hotel. After an amazing meal and productive discussion about NAGA’s ambitions and ecosystem, it was time to settle the bill. One of the Executives found that that moment was the perfect opportunity to showcase NAGA’s ecosystem. 
“He opened the NAGA application from his phone and with a few taps, he purchased some crypto’s through the exchange, then he transferred those into his trading account where he opened, then quickly closed, a trade as well as copy-traded a few leaders. He then transferred the remaining amount into his NAGA Card which he then used to settle the bill. All this in under 3 min. This is the moment I decided to join NAGA. The ecosystem is primed for scalability and conversion and I consider that this is the holy grail in the FinTech world.”
Career experience
Based in Cyprus, Stylianou joins NAGA with extensive experience. He has 18 years of experience in Executive Directorship and C-Level Positions in Marketing, Sales and Branding roles. Of those 18 years, 13 have been in the forex industry.
During his career, which spans across two decades, he has worked as the Head of Marketing for the Alpari Group. He was also the Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ATFX Global Markets (CY) Ltd (formally Positiva Markets (CY) Ltd), his LinkedIn states. 
As , in 2018 Stylianou joined financial matchmaking platform, Blackmoon Financial Group as the Chief Commercial Officer, where he worked for a year.
NAGA reaches profitability
Stylianou joins NAGA after a for the Hamburg-headquartered firm. In particular, the company closed the three month period with a provisional record result of EUR 7 million in sales, as compared to EUR 0.6 million in the first quarter of 2019, and a provisional net profit of EUR 2.1 million, as opposed to the EUR 3.9 million loss the company reported a year ago.

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