Invast Securities to Revamp Flagship Forex Platform Tri-Auto FX

Invast Securities announced this Friday that it will be revamping its flagship foreign exchange (forex) trading system – Tri-Auto FX, with the service to be completely renewed as of the 18th of July 2020.
In particular, Tri-Auto FX, which allows its clients to trade FX by selecting positions, is the main services offered by Invast Securities, headquartered in Japan.

“In addition to improving the operability of trading screens and charts, we have also added a portfolio function for capital management, allowing automated trading, manual trading, and centralized management of different currency pairs to provide a more convenient trading environment for our customers,” the statement released by the broker today said.
As part of the revamping of its Tri-Auto FX service, Invast Securities will be terminating its forex trading service FX24, which will be integrated into the Tri-Auto FX service on the 22nd of August this year. 
FX24 was launched by the securities broker 15 years ago in 2005. As part of the integration, all open positions and margin on the FX24 platform will be transferred to Tri-Auto FX, the Japanese company said today.
Invast Securities focuses on growth
“Based on our management vision of ‘creating financial solutions with 10 million users worldwide,’ we are focusing on the growth and expansion of our financial businesses in Japan and overseas,” Invast Securities said in its statement.
“The purpose of this service integration is to further strengthen existing services by concentrating the management resources of the domestic financial business, and to provide more value-added services to customers. We will continue to strive to create and provide high value-added services in all of our group’s businesses in order to achieve our management vision.”
As , the Japanee securities broker has been benefiting from the coronavirus fuelled volatility, with the firm revealing an uptick in its business metrics on a monthly comparison in February of this year.

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