Bitfinex Launches Crypto Custody Service with Koine Partnership

Bitfinex has partnered with Koine to offer “institutional grade” digital asset custody services to its customers, the crypto exchange announced on Wednesday.
With this new offering, the British Virgin Islands-registered exchange is luring the institutional investors, ensuring them a safe storage facility for their holdings.

“We have always focused on building a service fit for institutional trading,” Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex, stated. “In this collaboration with Koine for the delivery of custody post-trade infrastructure, we make another step on the path towards massive institutional participation in the crypto-trading market.”
Based in London, Koine is regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the financial market regulator in the UK, and is specialized in offering custody solutions. The platform provides settlement and segregated custody services for digital assets for both digital assets and fiat currencies.
The announcement detailed that Koine customers who already have an account with Bitfinex will be able to obtain a line of credit for their trades on the cryptocurrency exchange.
Aggressively expanding services
Though a bit controversial in the industry, Bitfinex is aggressively expanding its services. Last month, the platform launched a , enabling the traders to connect with each other.
Bitfinex is also offering with multiple, offering up to 10 percent annual interest to its clients.
Meanwhile, Koine is partnering with multiple crypto industry players to facility custodian services – it recently announced its partnership with , a London-based digital asset OTC broker.
“Collaborating with Bitfinex to help bring new funds into their trading environment is an extremely important step in our evolution,” Hugh Hughes, chairman and CEO at Koine, added. “It is leading exchanges like these that will benefit from the shift to a more traditional market structure that will quickly lead to institutional capital participation and the rapid growth of trading from algorithmic funds.”

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