Monex Group to Buy Out Credit Saison and Raisonnable in Joint Venture

Monex Group, Inc., , announced this Friday that it has come to an agreement to make Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group.
In particular, Monex has concluded a share transfer agreement with Credit Saison, which will see the Group take over all the shares of Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners Inc., that are owned by Credit Saison, which holds a 44 per cent stake.

Furthermore, Monex will also take over all the shares owned by Raisonnable, Inc. (4.99 per cent stake), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Vanguard Group, Inc. Once this has been completed, the Group will completely own Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners.
Monex Group to change the subsidiary’s name
Once the Group has acquired all the necessary shares, it will rename Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners to Monex Asset Management, Inc. The name change will take place on the 1st of April, 2020.
“Monex Group is from a brokerage-model to an asset-management model where it aims to increase the customers’ assets,” the company explained in the statement released today. 
“By developing Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners as one of its core operations behind this transition and reinforcing the ability to support its customers with their asset management and asset creation needs, the Company aims to further enhance its corporate value. This is the reason why the Company has decided to acquire shares of Monex-SaisonVanguard Investment Partners.”
Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners was established in 2015. Since then, the company has been developing, providing and managing MSV LIFE and MSV COMPASS+. These are discretionary investment services that enable customers to experience Vanguard’s investment philosophy. 
In the statement, Monex highlights that although the name of these services will change, along with the company’s name, the Group will continue to provide these services under the same concept and policies.
“Monex Group will maintain its strong relationship with Credit Saison and Vanguard with the aim to contribute to the asset management and asset creation needs of a wide range of customers,” the statement said.

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