HKEX Reports Record High 2019 Profits Despite Drop in Trading

(HKEX) has published its financial results for the year ended on the 31st of December, 2019, this Wednesday, revealing a record performance for the exchange.
In particular, HKEX managed to achieve record revenues and other income for the twelve-month period. During the year the exchange posted revenue of $16.3 billion. This is higher by 3 per cent from 2018, resulting in record-high profit attributable to shareholders of $9,391 million, which is also higher by 1 per cent.

Despite solid revenue and other income, trading volumes fell from 2018’s record highs, dragged down by the macro-environment which dampened investor confidence. Nonetheless, the turnover of RMB Currency Futures (USD/CNH) reached another milestone at 1,938,891 contracts. This represents a growth of 10 per cent when measured against the same period of the previous year.
Commenting on the results, Charles Li, the Chief Executive Officer of HKEX said in the statement: “2019 was a good year for HKEX. Despite a challenging political and economic backdrop, we are reporting record revenue and other income, and profit, for the second consecutive financial year. 
“Very strong Stock Connect revenue, a buoyant IPO market and good returns from investments offset macro-driven softness in trading volumes in the Cash and Derivatives Markets.
HKEX and the impact of coronavirus
Looking to the future, HKEX’s CEO states that its regional and global markets will continue to be sensitive to geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties, as well as the .
“Our focus will be on maintaining operational resilience in times of unpredictability and challenges: I am confident that the success of the Group will continue to be underpinned by long-term growth in China, the continuous strength of Hong Kong as a vibrant international financial centre and our focus on embracing technology,” the report said.
“It is also our top priority to further build, strengthen and diversify our capabilities in market connectivity, to develop our talent pipeline and to reinforce Hong Kong’s relevance to both the East and West as the decade unfolds. In doing so we will realise our vision of being the ‘Global Markets Leader in the Asian Time Zone.’”

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