ePayments Woes Continue as Fraudsters Capitalise on Uncertainty

This week has not been a good one for ePayments Systems Ltd, with the electronic money institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, it appears that the company’s woes are not over, as fraudsters have tried to capitalise on the uncertainty.
In an email sent out to its customers on Wednesday, ePayments warned that customers are being approached by third parties, offering to help access suspended accounts and recover funds.

“ePayments did not send this message nor did we authorise any party to send it. Any such request should be treated with extreme caution and we urge you not to reply to it. Also, please do not follow any links, included in these messages,” the company said in the email.
Official information can be found on website
The payments company has highlighted to its customers that all official information is posted on the company’s website and sent via email. The company does not send any information via SMS.
“We understand this is a frustrating time for our customers, we are working tirelessly to bring our services back up and running. We want to assure customers that their funds are safeguarded throughout this process,” the company added.
In its email, ePayments has outlined a number of security rules, which it advises its customers to follow. This included not giving passwords to any third parties, use two-factor authentication for authorising your account, don’t follow any links from emails with suspicious contents and more.
The electronic money institution advised its customers to send them an email at support@epayments.com if they have received an email from the company and are unsure whether it is legitimate.
Background on ePayments
As Finance Magnates reported, ePayments Systems Ltd announced earlier this week on its website that it has suspended all activity on its customer accounts following a review by the FCA.
In the announcement from the electronic money institution, the company said that its operations had been suspended due to weaknesses in its anti-money laundering systems and controls which “required remediation”.
Although as to what might be the real reason behind the suspension, at present, and ePayments have not been willing to provide further clarification other than what has already been said.

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