GMO Click Sees MoM Uptick in OTC FX Trading in January

As we venture further into the second month of 2020, trading providers are publishing their trading volumes for January. One of the latest firms to do so is GMO Click, which has achieved a positive start to the new year.
GMO Click is of the Japanese IT giant GMO Internet. Overall, 2019 posed a difficult year for brokers in terms of trading volumes, with low market volatility weighing heavily on the market.

Because of this, the second part of the year saw many online trading providers posting weak performances, with September and November delivering particularly lacklustre trading volumes.
GMO Click saw consistent drop in 2019 trading
For GMO Click, the broker consistently reported a drop in OTC forex trading volumes , all the way to November of last year.
For January, the foreign exchange (forex) over the counter (OTC) volumes were provided to Finance Magnates from GMO Click itself. During the month, the retail broker reported a total volume of $568.2 billion.
This is higher than the trading volume of $486.8 billion reported in by 16.7 per cent. Although trading was up on a monthly comparison, last month’s volume was lower on a yearly comparison, as trading in January of 2019 was $783.3 billion. Therefore, OTC forex trading fell by 27.5 per cent in January 2020. 
Taking a look at on-exchange trading, GMO Click reported a monthly trading volume of $2.7 billion. This also represents an increase of 8.0 per cent from the $2.5 billion volume achieved by the broker in the previous month.
As was the same with OTC forex trading, although volumes increased on a monthly comparison, trading activity fell year-on-year. In this case, because January of 2019 posted a $3.9 billion trading volume, last month’s figure has declined by around 30.8 per cent.

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