OneCoin Lawyer Moves for Acquittal After $400M Laundering Conviction

Mark Scott, a US Lawyer involved in , is seeking acquittal after being convicted by a US court for charges brought against him by the US prosecutors.
In a recent court filing, the attorneys of the defendant raised questions on the connections of the witnesses mentioned by the prosecutors. Out of a total of 17 witnesses, Scott one met two that too for once, the filing stated.

Scott was convicted last November by the US court for his involvement in . He was facing two charges – one for conspiracy to commit money laundering and another to commit bank fraud – and was found guilty for both.
Now his lawyers argue that the evidence produced by the prosecutors was not sufficient enough for a conviction in either count.
No knowledge of crime?
Scott is also claiming that he was unaware of any illegal activities by OneCoin despite working at the company’s headquarters for years. Per his testimony, the lack of any genuine blockchain of the project was only known to the founder of the project Ruja Ignatova and two IT professionals.
In the filing, the attorneys further raised questions on the jurisdiction of the US prosecutors as OneCoin did not have many victims in the country. The case was mostly built based on the testimony of Konstantin Ignatov, brother of , and two victims in the country who invested in the digital currency.
The defendant also pointed out that the nether the victims met him in person or had any direct dealings with him.
Notably, the US prosecutors also took the testimony of Bank of Ireland staff who revealed that Scott was using multiple accounts at the bank to funnel money from the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands to the United Arab Emirates.
Meanwhile, the mastermind of the $4 billion scam, Ruja Ignatova, is still at large and is believed to have fled for Vienna or Athens.

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