Craig Wright Shows Paper Claiming Origin of the Name Satoshi Nakamoto

To strengthen his claims as to the creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright has presented documents showing the origins of the pseudonym .
In an interview with Modern Consensus published last week, Wright presented the document of an article from the digital database of the academic journal JSTOR dated January 5, 2008.

The article described a person named Tominaga Nakamoto, who lived in Japan between 1715 to 1746. According to Wright, he was inspired by this figure and, to honor him, he named the creator of Bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto.
“Nakamoto is the Japanese Adam Smith. Honest Ledger + Micro Cash. Satoshi is Intelligent History. Not too hard,” Wright said.
“In part, yes. He wrote about money and honest money and the rational nature of things. The shogun [feudal ruler] at the time was in financial crisis, and economic austerity. […] I like the description of him, and I got into his brother, Tōka. ‘Nakamoto was upright and quiet but impatient in character’ and I thought: ‘That sounds like me.”
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, whose physical presence is yet to be known. He published the first paper on Bitcoin and also developed the blockchain, however, mysteriously disappeared from his online presence in December 2010.
, an Australian computer scientist, turned out in 2015, claiming to the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. However, well-known figures of the crypto community mocked his claims as he failed to provide any solid evidence to prove his claims.
Meanwhile, Wright is facing a lawsuit that was brought by the brother of his deceased business partner David Kleiman. Despite a court order till 2013 to the estate, he defaulted and said he does not have enough funds to pay the plaintiff.

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