Binance.US Releases Beta Version of iOS Mobile App

Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume and user base, has released a beta version of its mobile for its US-based platform – Binance.US.
Announced on Thursday, the app will be available for downloads on iOS devices initially. The exchange, however, did not mention anything about similar support for Android users.

The beta version of the mobile application means it is still in the testing phase and will help the exchange to get feedback from its client base.
The beta test is one of the most crucial phases in a software development process, in which the developers receive feedback from the potential user base before the launch of the product.
Traders, willing to take part in the beta testing, need to fill a form, the link to which is provided by the exchange on Twitter. However, it is not clear if the exchange will send the app download link to every willing client.

The Apps are coming and we need your help to test them!

First up đŸ“² iOS beta testing

If you’re willing to provide feedback and want to be one of the first to go hands-on, apply via the form below.

Download links will be emailed:

— Binance.US (@BinanceAmerica)

Binance’s global expansion
Binance entered the US market via a partnership with BAM Trading Services, a FinCEN-registered company, to roll out the new platform exclusively for customers based in the United States. Binance is licensing its matching engine and wallet technologies to its US partner which is handling operations into compliance with local regulations.
The platform was and is competing with local giants like Coinbase.
Last month, the US subsidiary of the crypto exchange in order to provide liquidity for its cross-exchange trading platform.
Meanwhile, the global exchange is also strengthening its dominance in the industry with acquisitions in various markets. In November, it to penetrate in the sub-continent. However, a tough regulatory stance towards the sector might make its move harsh.

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