XSpot Markets Integrates Trading Platform TraderEvolution

TraderEvolution Global, a startup providing multi-market trading software, continues to , with the latest one announced today – company XSpot Markets (EU) Ltd.
In particular, XSpot Markets announced this Tuesday that it has partnered with TraderEvolution to enable access to a true multi-asset offering through its multi-market trading software suite.

Under the agreement, XSpot Markets will integrate TraderEvolution into its XSpot Pro multi-asset trading platform and asset management services. TraderEvolution provides multi-market trading platforms, including back-end and a full set of front-end trading platforms that have connectivity to dozens of markets across the world.
XSpot Markets aims to build “enormous offering”
Commenting on the partnership, Dimitris Kantzelis, CEO of XSpot Markets Ltd. said: “Our mission of building such an enormous offering of more than 15,000 financial instruments, across 8 various asset classes with data from 20 global exchanges, made us look for a brokerage software suite that would match the complexity of our operations and the needs of our clients. We are happy to be able to offer a comprehensive multi-asset trading solution to our most demanding investors and traders.”
The partnership will allow XSpot Markets to provide access to a wide range of asset classes. Namely, TraderEvolution will aggregate over 15,000 instruments that the brokerage is offering to its private, corporate and institutional clients into a single environment.
Furthermore, the collaboration will allow clients using XSpot Pro to trade stocks, ETFs, currencies, commodities, and indices from a single account. 

Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global
Source: LinkedIn
“It is always a challenge for a broker to combine numerous markets and asset classes into a single electronic trading platform with the automation of key processes and market data distributed to an end client’s terminal. At TraderEvolution Global, our team is fully dedicated to finding the most robust ways of dealing with today’s technological challenges that brokers supporting multiple asset classes face.” added Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global.
“We’ve had a great opportunity to build an impressive securities trading environment together with XSpot Markets, serving them with our technology, experience, and connections in the industry to support their mission.”

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