Tools for Brokers Improves Liquidity Bridge with Trade Processor

, a software developer for FX brokers, has revamped its Liquidity Bridge solution, with the addition of aggregation and consolidation features that can be integrated by both MT4 and MT5 brokers.
The newly-launched upgrade called ‘Trade Processor 3.0,’ and it combines a liquidity bridge and a market making order pool to offer the features necessary to manage an entire brokerage business.

Brokers can use Trade Processor 3.0 to improve while trading forex and cryptocurrencies. It provides connectivity with multiple liquidity providers and options for several sessions with one provider, as well as three levels of access for users and managers of the system.
The new system includes a set of rules that allow brokers to transfer orders and symbols between А-book and B-book as needed for particular traders. Further, they reduce or stop their volumes sent to certain liquidity providers and mutually close their opposite positions.
Connection to a wide range of liquidity providers
Other features include automatic switching to available liquidity if a provider’s connection is broken as well as the ability to change gateway settings through the web interface.
Market depth is another key consideration with Trade Processor 3.0. The platform facilitates executing huge volume orders, distributing them between different liquidity providers to obtain better dealing rates and spreads. In doing so, brokers can offer their customers the best price obtainable from multiple liquidity providers.
Commenting on the latest release, Albina Zhdanova, Chief Operating Officer at Tools For Brokers says, “Liquidity bridges have long played a critical role in reducing risks for brokerages using MT4 or MT5. With a range of advanced features designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness – from aggregation and consolidation, to improved analytics and reporting – Trade Processor 3.0 takes the system to a new level.
Established in 2009, Tools For Brokers provides software solutions to brokerage firms in the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading. The company is also a provider of risk management utilities such as a Broker Business Intelligence (BBI), which gives additional instruments for analysis and reporting across MT4/MT5 platforms.

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