Saxo Bank Reports Worst Monthly FX Volumes in 4 Years

November has proven to be a , with firms widely reporting a drop in their trading volumes. Joining the growing list of brokers in this situation is Saxo Bank.
During the month of November, the multi-asset broker posted a month-on-month drop across the board for foreign exchange (forex), commodities, fixed income and equities trading volumes.

FX trading, which attracts the largest volumes for the broker, noted a monthly trading volume of $107.4 billion in November. When measuring this against the previous month, which had a volume of $141.2 billion, it is lower by 23.9 per cent.
The trading volume in November is the lowest monthly figure for the whole of 2019. The next lowest volume was reported in April. Still, the fourth month of the year achieved a trading volume of $124.3 billion, which is 13.6 per cent higher.
In fact, November’s volume is the lowest monthly FX trading volume achieved since at least the beginning of 2016. On a yearly comparison, last month’s volume has shrunk by 37.4 per cent, against a trading volume of $171.7 billion in November of 2018.
Commodities trading falls for Saxo Bank
The monthly trading volume for commodities was also down month-on-month. Specifically, it fell by 4.7 per cent from $33.7 billion in down to $32.1 billion in November, with an average daily volume of $1.5 billion. However, when weighing it against the same period of the previous year, trading has increased by around 34.0 per cent.
Fixed-income trading during the month of November also slumped by about 27 per cent, coming in at $8.4 billion. The average daily volume also fell from $500 million in October down to $400 million in November.
The second last month of 2019 also brought a drop in trading for Equities. In particular, volumes fell from $62.8 billion in October to $44.7 billion during the month of November. As a percentage, this represents a drop of 28.8 per cent.

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