Leading the Trend, Followme Opens New Doors to Global FX Trading

With the development of globalization, the foreign exchange investment attracts more and more attention. Under this background, Folllowme was born and grew rapidly to become the leading forex trading community in the world.
Nowadays, Followme users cover 160 countries and regions, including China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania.

It highlights Followme’s market advantages to run in the forefront of world trading and opens new doors to the global forex trading through continuous expansion and improvement of overseas territory.
Devotion to product development with profound knowledge
The initial prototype of Followme is Community, which attracts more and more trading users by virtue of good communication atmosphere.
To meet users’ deeper trading needs, Followme develops FollowTrade and CopyTrade, realizing online trading and allowing users to break their own level boundaries and select and copy appropriate trading signals to follow.
In addition, Followme researches and develops a multi-account system. With registering one Followme account, the users can bind multiple broker accounts and enjoy the benefits of dual identity.
While conducting transaction profitably, the traders can also obtain generous subscription fees.
Therefore, a large number of high-quality strategic signals are gathered in the community, and the followers can choose free or paid subscriptions by themselves, so as to realize the win-win situation of trading and followers.
Today, Followme supports MT4/5 bindings for more than 2,000 broker accounts in the world. It has gradually developed into a new trading community that integrates multiple products such as posts, instant messaging, online trading and open platform as a whole.

The picture is the page of Followme International Strategy Market
Territory expansion, without national boundaries of market
Since its establishment, Followme’s overseas territory continues to expand. In July 2019, Followme participated in the exhibition of “2019 Wiki Financial Expo (Kuala Lumpur)” to share the innovative results of community artificial intelligence and financial technology, which takes the first step to expand overseas market.
At the same time, Followme has innovated product, launched websites in English version and Chinese traditional version, and launched mobile App in Google play and App store, which becomes another milestone breakthrough for strong attack on overseas markets.
Followme International Mobile Terminal
Good products are without national boundaries and good product experience can convey feelings!
Since its launch, there are a total of 5633 users registered in the international version, which has been recognized by overseas users with its advanced documentary technology and convenient documentary operation.
They believe that they can find real and public trading accounts and data, learn strategies of traders and follow trading in Followme, which can greatly improve the convenience of trading.
The praise from users are undoubtedly the best encouragement to Followme! In the future, Followme will focus on Southeast Asian and African markets, launch more language versions of products, and promote the real community transaction to the world.
Always following our heart, Followme certainly will blossom everywhere in the global forex trading industry.
Disclaimer: The content of this article was provided by the company, and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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