Announcing the Launch of Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator

is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed and now it is strengthening its presence in the Israeli market with establishing an accelerator in Tel Aviv.

Only 10 companies will be accepted into the new, international Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator, benefiting both investment and access to a global network of investors and business entities. Registration closes on December 8th. The program will start on March 29th, 2020.

Tel Aviv is the heart of the , which operates more than 6,600 startups. Tel Aviv attracts founders from all over the world who come to learn about the Israeli way to build and grow tech businesses and about its unique environment which help entrepreneurs to prosperous and flourish their businesses.

Now a new accelerator is coming to Tel Aviv: Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator, a technology accelerator that will operate from Israel, as a part of the global network of Techstars.

From AI, Cleantech and Cyber ​​to Proptech and RetailTech

The program is open to companies from all verticals and industries, such as Artificial intelligence, Cleantech, Retail, Mobility, Cyber, Fintech, Foodtech, Femtech, Big Data, Agritech Energy, Impact and more.

In addition, the program is open for both Israeli companies and international companies.

The first class of the accelerator will open at the end of March 2020, and will last for 13 weeks. A Demo Day on June 26th, 2020 will celebrate the end of the program.

Only ten companies will get accepted to the program, and each will receive up to $120,000 financial investment. In addition, the companies that will be accepted will benefit from practical mentoring in many fields, access to the global network of Techstars, contacts with key-stakeholders and international companies abroad.

The program will be managed by Hila Ovil-Brenner, a serial entrepreneur who founded three companies and managed the joint Accelerator program of Barclays and Techstars in Israel.

She said the decision by the global network to launch a new accelerator in Tel Aviv is indicative of confidence in the Israeli market and a great deal of interest from Techstars in Israeli technologies.

Techstars has been operating in Israel for 4 years, its founders and their teams connecting with entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, investors, business leaders and corporate partners to help startups grow. The Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator will be one out of 47 Techstars Accelerators worldwide.

The Techstars’ portfolio includes nearly 2000 companies to date, with a market value of $24.7 Billion. This makes Techstars the biggest seed investor in the US.

Usually companies raise $1-2M after program and all raised $8.4B to date.

What founders have to say:

“The program was extremely valuable and exceeded our expectations. In just 3.5 months, working closely with Techstars, we achieved what would normally take us a year. We progressed significantly with establishing our network, building our product and our business models. Hilla Ovil Brenner and her great team built a productive, innovative and fun environment. Hilla, with many years of experience as an entrepreneur who has built successful startups before, works closely with the companies and she is a real pusher and gets things done. For us the program was a game changer,” explained Yaacov Goldenhersh, CEO LiST.

“The network effect of Techstars took us strides forward through meaningful introductions. These introductions brought us our first two employees we hired, our new advisory board member from the intelligence world, and a fintech angel from Europe that also invested in us,” noted Eliaz Tobias, founder and CEO CrowdSense.

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