Praxis Cashier Targeting New Verticals Amidst Global Expansion

, the smart cashier software giant in the forex industry, is looking to greatly expand its product focus and latitude in 2019. This includes a new foray into the gaming, travel, and e-commerce industries, having already signed a series of new partnerships.
With an eye on growth, Praxis has looked to shore up multiple deals with leading small, medium, and publicly traded venues. These partnerships will be instrumental in continuing to propel its business moving forward.

A plethora of new deals has also coincided with addition of new personnel in Praxis’ Limassol headquarters. “Praxis is expanding their team with several specialized staffers, focusing on online payments. We are also continuing to look at specialists in fintech and online payments, including those from industries we began crossing into, i.e. online gaming, travel, and e-commerce,” explained Amit Klatchko, Founder & Director at Praxis Cashier.
Praxis has quickly solidified itself as a household name in the industry by providing a singular integration that caters to merchants globally.

This allows participating merchants to access over 300 different payment service providers (PSPs), that support over 1000 varying payment methods, including tier-1 acquiring banks, e-wallets, APM’s, and crypto providers.
Praxis Cashier looks to keep up momentum
The group’s supported integrations have in recent years, providing the impetus for even larger growth in H2 2019 and beyond. This includes a growing stable of integrations with upwards of 80 different payment service providers (PSPs) and banks added in the last 7 months.
Furthermore, Praxis Cashier is integrated with more than 40 platform and CRM providers, with many more in queue. “The reasons we grew so rapidly over the last three years is our dedication to support, stable environment, rapid response time and that we pioneered the smart cashier approach in the fintech industry,” explained Mr. Klatchko.
Fresh investments driving Praxis’ H2 plans
Praxis has also invested $1.4 million dollars in R&D and infrastructure spending in the past twelve months alone. This infusion of cash has gone to cater the needs of over 200 fintech, gaming and e-commerce merchants using the platform.
The push into gaming, travel, and e-commerce represents a huge step for Praxis, not only for its existing business but also its future services. Praxis already boasts a robust services suite that remains one of the most versatile on the market.
With hundreds of active integrated payment solutions, Praxis continues to add new solutions each month. Presently, Praxis transmits over 60 transactions per minute, or 1 every second. The group also boasts volumes that have exceeded $1.5 billion in last 12 months.
According to Mr. Klatchko, “We know that operators can sense an honest 3rd party provider from far, and we do not take them for granted. That is why we went to market with a ripe product instead of over promising and under delivering. We came super strong with a functional and seasoned product.”
Indeed, over the past year has seen wholesale changes in the forex sector, with many industry players struggling to keep pace. Despite these changes, Praxis continues to not only weather the storm, but expand and add to a .
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