Serious Fraud Office Appoints New Chief Intelligence Officer

The UK’s (SFO) announced the appointment of a new Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) this Friday. A statement released by the government agency indicates that John Kielty has already taken up his new post.
“I am excited to be assigned the role of Chief Intelligence Officer,” Kielty. “The creation of the CIO role is part of the SFO’s continuing effort to develop its response to tackling serious economic crime. Working with partners we will seek to utilise a range of law enforcement techniques, enhancing how we tackle those engaged in criminality linked to serious or complex fraud, bribery and corruption.”

Kielty joined the SFO as a Case Controller, overseeing large-scale cases brought to the SFO, back in 2015.
Prior to that, he had a long and successful career with the Metropolitan Police, London’s police force, eventually working as Detective Chief Superintendent.
Before reaching that position, he also headed up the Metropolitan Police force’s Serious and Organised Crime Command. That meant he had a range of experience working on corruption, human trafficking, and kidnapping.
Barclays in the crosshairs
For those unfamiliar with SFO, the organization takes on serious cases of fraud and corruption in the UK. Not that those things would ever concern the retail trading industry. No, no, no.
One of the organization’s more notable cases of late involved banking giant Barclays.
In 2017, the organization brought charges against a number of senior executives at the bank for their role in securing multi-billion dollar loans from the joyous, freedom-loving nation of Qatar.
That case is just going to trial and, some would argue, was what saved the organization from being scrapped by the current Conservative government.
So keep a lookout all of you upper-class villains, crooks, criminals and fraudsters because, if you don’t watch it, Kielty and his crew might be coming for you.

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