CMC Markets Launches ‘Skill’ Utility, Aggregating Market Data for Traders

CMC Markets continues to expand its toolbox for traders, this time with a new voice-controlled utility. CMC Markets Skill represents the group’s latest aggregation tool that compiles news headlines, articles, analyst tweets, and other market data – the service reflects a new offering, which is available exclusively on Amazon home assistant products such as Alexa.

CMC Markets has ramped up efforts to stress trader education and awareness. The launch of its voice-controlled Skill enables access to a range of useful content for its trading base. Indeed, the ability to stay on top of market trends has consistently emerged as a key asset for traders; a revelation CMC Markets has worked to address.

David Fineberg, Group Commercial Director, commented on Skill: “Our daily lives are becoming more and more centered on processing large volumes of information, as well as how we utilize the resources at our disposal. The CMC Markets Skill provides traders with a new and convenient method of staying informed and up to date, and crucially makes consuming large volumes of information more manageable.”

David Fineberg

By using Skill, users will have access to a robust set of information including all matters of social media and news headlines. In doing so, traders will be able to better map out definitive trends across markets. The development is noteworthy as CMC Markets represents the broker to offer on-demand insight via Alexa home assistant products.

Subsequently, by using the voice command “Alexa, open CMC Markets,” all users will be able to access the latest spreads and price change percentages for five of the most frequently traded instruments on CMC Market’s Next Generation platform.

“At CMC Markets we recognize the power of technology, so we continue to invest in a range of services to be a leader in this space. This is why we have taken proactive steps to ensure that we are the first trading company to fully utilize the potential of this software,” explained Mr. Fineberg.

“We are excited by how traders are engaging in the digital age, and the CMC Markets Skill we have developed is part of our ongoing strategy to enhance the overall experience of our clients by providing them with the information they need, when they need it,” he added.

The launch of CMC Markets Skill is the for the group in as many days, having already initiated machine learning for trading analytics. Earlier this week, CMC Markets announced it would be partnering with Tradefeedr, a data analytics firm, to push its big-data analytics efforts.

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