RoboMarkets Receives Approval for Tied Agent in Spain

RoboMarkets has announced today that its tied agent in Spain has been approved by Spanish regulator La Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores. This means the local company will be ’ official representative in Spain and act on behalf of the investment firm.

The new office will be located in Madrid, Spain. The company will be headed by Alfonso Franco, who has extensive experience managing large financial organizations in Europe.

According to the statement, Alfonso Franco, Head of RoboMarkets Tied Agent in Spain, said that the company is committed to its customers in Spain: “we are very excited to achieve this new milestone. It will permit us to provide additional and better services to our clients and to achieve a more in touch relationship with all our customers in Spain. We are convinced that it will be a great step forward for the growth of the company in the Spanish market and expand on its high potential. We are positive all our clients will celebrate this step”.

The tied agent in Spain will focus primarily on expanding the company’s range in the country. Specifically, its top priorities are exploring the Spanish market, providing local clients with quality services while at the same time develop the existing ones, and as a result, increase the number of active clients in the country.

Global Expansion

RoboMarkets is an investment firm based in Cyprus. It offers investment services throughout Europe and provides traders who work in the financial markets access to its proprietary trading platforms.

The approval of RoboMarkets Tied Agent in Spain is in line with the company’s plans for global expansion. Earlier this year in May, RoboMarkets’ Chief Business Officer, . During the interview, Rashap highlighted the investment firm would soon open more branches in Central and Western Europe. 

Rashap also announced during the interview that RoboMarkets would soon launch some more new features that would target both retail and institutional traders.

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