Alibabacoin Foundation’s Official Announcement

This article has been written by AlibabaCoin Foundation Representatives and is announced via official media channels. This is an official announcement by the AlibabaCoin Foundation.

As of today, Alibabacoin is an ICO online and we are successfully recruiting a large amount of blockchain development fund both off and online. ABBC Foundation is a legally registered foundation based on Dubai, and our main offices are located in both Dubai and Belarus.

We have over 100 official workers all around the world, currently developing our blockchain system as well as apps that will enhance our services in the near future. An upcoming milestone of our development team would be the multi-crypto wallet which is under development by several of our development team members.

We have our own technology regarding blockchain, and we are using the X13 algorithm for faster and safer transactions and hack safe crypto management. We are the world’s first to come up with the idea of facial recognition data being encrypted into the blockchain system, making crypto payment for safe and easier for the most part of the crypto population.

The beta version will be open within the 2nd quarter this year. Our young, experience, and talented developers have promised that our foundation will be owning a multi-crypto wallet with the most leading technology.

The ABBC coin is both POS and POW enabled smart contract capable blockchain coin, and we are currently developing miners to be distributed within a few months. POW mining will be a very profitable business tool, and we are testing everything in full speculation.

The PC wallet will be released before the end of Q3, and thus will be enabling both POS and POW mining. The X13 algorithm will allow investors of this platform to profit in many ways. All transactions are decentralized, and safely secured via our ledger system. Exchange platform listing information is completely confidential, therefore currently we cannot release any related announcement regarding the listings for now.

As for our international events, ICO Celebration Summit Events will be held soon in Dubai, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan within the next few months. Official dates will be posted via our .

We have recently received many inquiries regarding the relationship between AlibabaCoin Foundation and the leading Chinese shopping platform, Alibabacoin Foundation is the owner of the ABBC Blockchain, and all of its derived technology.

We have no particular correlation, affiliate, agreement, partnership, nor any contract whatsoever with We are a separate entity, and we are currently working as a blockchain-specialized business promoter. We have discovered many malicious media reports claiming that our Foundation is a scam derived from the name of the Chinese online shopping mall brand.

We are legally approved in both Dubai and Belarus, and therefore we will force legal actions necessary in case of further media attacks relating this issue. We hope that the world does not mistake the issue anymore. Our technology is simply the most progressive and the exhilarating development in the market.

Our official ICO is currently going through Stage 2, and we are planning to finish our ICO within the Q2 this year. Or ICO is currently registered legally under the laws of Belarus, and there is no doubt that we are operating the platform in the safest way possible.

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