RoboMarkets Expands List of Available Crypto CFDs

RoboMarkets continues its efforts to increase its involvement in the cryptocurrency space. The FX and CFD broker has now expanded its list of available cryptocurrencies for trading.

The updated list of crypto CFDs at RoboMarkets now includes the previously mentioned Bitcoin and Ethereum, and now also include Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The addition of the new crypto assets will enable traders to properly diversify their crypto holdings.

Moreover, all of the cryptocurrencies available at RoboMarkets are tradable against the US dollar. The company has also set the maximum leverage available across all crypto CFDs at 5:1.

In order to appeal to traders of all types, RoboMarkets has also removed any trading time limitations that were previously in place. All investors now have 24/7 access to all crypto CFDs, similar to trading on a crypto exchange.

By not closing trading hours at all, RoboMarkets adheres to public demand, and also is able to avoid profits and losses incurred during gaps. Gaps typically occur with more traditional assets, which incur a stoppage in trading, including commodities, stocks, indexes, and even fiat currency pairs, which are not tradable over the weekend.

Different traders also prioritize different points of access to their trading portfolios, and RoboMarkets has therefore implemented all crypto CFDs into their trading platforms, including Pro-Standard, ECN-Pro, Prime, Pro-Affiliate, ECN-Pro Affiliate, and R Trader accounts.

In January of this year, RoboMarkets also incorporated Bitcoin as a possible account base currency, further illustrating its commitment to the crypto space and the growing demand for digital assets.

In response to RoboMarkets’ expanded list of crypto CFDs, Konstantin Rashap, RoboMarkets’ Development Manager in Europe, said: “RoboMarkets always keeps up with the times and implements cutting-edge technological solutions. Continuing our expansion on the European market, we’re pleased to offer our clients a new class of trading assets.”

He added: “By adding cryptocurrencies to the list of more than 8,700 instruments that are already available to RoboMarkets clients for trading, we’re not only responding to their demands, but also systematically expanding the list of our services and improving their quality.”

RoboMarkets was formerly known as RoboForex, but the broker underwent a rebranding effort back in December of last year. Perhaps part of the reason for the name change, was to change the stigma that the broker only offers financial products and services pertaining to the foreign exchange market. However, RoboMarkets actually offers various types of tradeable assets, including myriad CFDs on equities, indexes, commodities, and of course cryptocurrencies.

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