Krypton Software Launches Crypto Exchange Feeds Aggregator for White Labels

Technology provider Krypton Software is launching an aggregator solution for white labels. The firm has been working with several exchanges to integrate their feeds.

Krypton Software is focused on a white label model, providing prospective broker clients with a full technical solution, including various modules like a trading interface, backend, etc. Krypton’s product may be useful for companies that are looking to enter the cryptocurrency trading realm quickly but are not keen to develop their own technology.

According to a company spokesperson, Krypton Software is currently supporting direct integration to 13 exchanges. The company is also committed to adding more exchanges provided that those have a solid and stable API.

White Label Requirements

Krypton Software is charging a markup on the fees of the exchanges that are delivering liquidity. While white labels have the ability to connect to several feeds, the need for those multiple feeds would be a requirement only if the liquidity on one exchange is insufficient to meet the demand from clients of the white label.

A company spokesperson explained: “We have direct integration with several of the big exchanges where all transactions will be executed. Every white label will have to open an account with at least one of them and maintain liquidity to ensure trades are executed smoothly.”

The white label clients of Krypton Software will need to open up accounts at the different exchanges they use to clear their trades in order to be able to use the product. Overall, Krypton Software is a suitable option for companies that are willing to offer crypto to end users, however, the key challenge will be the pricing for end-users, which always have the option to directly open an account with an exchange and avoid the markup.

“Commissions & charges will be competitive and well balanced with the added value of Krypton Software,” a spokesperson elaborated. Krypton Software was launched during the summer of 2017 by binary options technology provider Tradologic.

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