Fortex Starts Hosting Services in Equinix LD5, Prepares New Matching Engine

Fortex is preparing to launch a new matching engine service in London. The location is Equinix’s LD5 datacenter with existing infrastructure already in place to provide hosting services on premium dedicated hardware to FX and CFD brokers, asset managers and other market participants who are looking to place their mission-critical matching engines, MT4/MT5 trading servers, reporting servers and other system components.

Fortex’s facility in LD5 is connected to the LD4 IBX datacenter by more than 1,000 diverse dark fibers, enabling clients to easily cross-connect to other financial firms housed in LD4/LD5.

“Adding LD5 makes our hosting and connectivity offering truly holistic as our clients who operate their businesses globally will now be able to access prices from London, New York, and Tokyo with minimum latency when using our network. This means Fortex-hosted clients will ultimately deliver a better trading experience to their customers who want to be able to receive most relevant pricing data from London and experience truly low-latency execution of their transactions,” said Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Fortex.

Matching Engine

Fortex has been providing institutional FX trading solutions for a number of years. The infrastructure in London is the company’s first, opening the doors for the firm to onboard more clients from Europe. Fortex’s incoming LD5 matching engine will be designed with banks, brokers, active traders, and institutional investors in mind.

“This platform enables us to better deliver Fortex’s entire product suite to the EMEA market, including liquidity aggregation, matching and white label solutions within the London datacenter. Having this presence in the biggest hub of FX trading globally enables us to grow our market and better serve our clients across the region,” commented the Executive VP and Head of Deliverable FX at Fortex, Jason Young.

Fortex is building on success with its NY4 (New York) and HK3 (Hong Kong) datacenters where it currently securely hosts trading infrastructures for a large number of MT4 and MT5 servers for FX and CFD brokers, banks and other trading institutions.

Fortex’s LD5 matching engine has a direct connection by dedicated high-speed fiber lines to the existing infrastructure of the company located at Equinix data center locations in Hong Kong and New York.

The infrastructure is developed in-house, aiming to deliver high-performance, low-latency trading at sub-millisecond speeds.

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