Epazz Buys CryptoFolio’s ‎Bitcoin and Altcoin ‎Portfolio Tracking App

Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a Chicago-based provider of cryptocurrency ‎mobile apps and solutions, has agreed to acquire blockchain android app ‎CryptoFolio, and will allow it to operate somewhat independently with its own ‎brand.

CryptoFolio is an app for tracking and managing Bitcoin and altcoin portfolios. ‎The handy cryptocurrency app allows users to fully control their cryptocurrency ‎investments‎.

CryptoFolio app has been downloaded more than 3000 times ‎since its launch on the Android Play Store. It provides free features to ‎attract subscribers and then charges fees from $1.99 to $5.99 to allow users to purchase additional features.‎

This acquisition is part of Epazz’s effort to help people accomplish ‎more with its blockchain solution, ZenaPay, which boasts online and in-store Bitcoin purchase ‎capability using proprietary software. CryptoFolio’s user base will help grow ZenaPay’s ‎business as the company ‎plans to add other blockchain apps in a bid to ‎create new sources of revenue.‎

Epazz plans to add more cryptocurrencies and languages to CryptoFolio ‎to attract more users‎, and announced that it will bring the app to iOS ‎devices later this year.‎

ZenaPay is set to roll out the new ‎version of its blockchain app next month, which will allow users to see a summary of their Bitcoins and Ethereum holdings immediately to ‎determine which cryptocurrency to use when making transactions. ‎‎The company charges a one percent transaction fee through its point-of-‎service (POS) solution.

Shaun Passley, CEO of Epazz Inc, commented: “The synergies with ‎ZenaPay and CryptoFolio are clear. CryptoFolio users will benefit from ‎ZenaPay. We will add mobile apps through acquisition or internal ‎development over the next few months. We believe blockchain is a ‎very large industry, and we will use our skills to expand into this ‎market.”‎

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