Exness Announces Breakthrough Partnership with Real Madrid as Trading Partner

Exness, a forex broker regulated in Cyprus and the UK, has announced a breakthrough partnership through which it has become the official trading partner of Real Madrid, the Spanish giants of La Liga.

The length and financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. But with many of their players in the global spotlight, some industry sources are speculating that it’s EUR 3 million per year. This number seems plausible, because Exness won’t have a logo on Real Madrid’s shirt.

Exness highlighted the features of its new deal with Real Madrid, which was recently crowned champion of La Liga for the 33rd time. According to the company’s statement: “Exness is the first brand in the forex sector to partner with Real Madrid and will get exclusive promotional and PR rights for its brand and players, as well as access to the Real Madrid digital channels.”

Real Madrid’s popularity and success is recognized worldwide, and it has many star players on its roster, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

This agreement puts Exness at the forefront of sports club sponsorships, which have become a mainstream marketing strategy in recent years. This partnership is also set to power the company’s global brand strategy, particularly after it acquired the necessary permissions to operate as a . The UK subsidiary of Exness can now act as a market making counter-party for its clients.

Commenting on the partnership, Exness CEO Peter Valov said: “Exness’ unwavering spirit and passion to be the best in our field is our most defining characteristic, and we have an insatiable appetite for success, so I truly could not think of a more suitable partner to join forces with in a joint pursuit of constant breakthroughs. Real Madrid stands for excellence, empowering leadership, and fair practice: the very foundations Exness was built upon. We look forward to breaking new records and establishing new standards together.”

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