BTC-e Claims Funds Will Be Returned to Clients, Repudiates Alexander Vinnik

Good news for clients of BTC-E that have funds stuck in the Bitcoin exchange. The official social media accounts of the team behind BTC-e are still functioning and claim that despite everything that happened, they will issue refunds to clients as soon as September 1st.

BTC-e says that the next update will be information on what options are available to restore the service, as well as the procedure for obtaining funds, in the event that the service is not restarted. If the service is not restarted before the end of August, then from September 1st the company will start the process of issuing refunds to clients.

“In the next 1-2 weeks, we will evaluate and publish information about how much money fell into the hands of the FBI and what amount of funds is available for return.”

Interestingly, they also claim that Alexander Vinnik “was never the head or employee of our service.” Despite this they don’t explain how the FBI could have gotten its hands on the exchange’s Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets if not by accessing it with Vinnik’s administrator accounts.


Earlier today we published the news that BTC-e’s website has .

Last week it was revealed that for violating US anti-money laundering laws. Its suspected operator and alleged MtGox Bitcoin launderer Vinnik was arrested in Greece by the local police and personally faces a $12 million fine and decades in an American jail.

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