Coinbase Adds DoJ Prosecutor and Crypto Specialist Kathryn Haun to Board

Bitcoin wallet and exchange Coinbase has strengthened its senior leadership team and board of directors with the addition of former federal prosecutor Kathryn Haun, in a move that should bolster its image as a transparent cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase has embarked on a broad-based initiative to maintain a regulated and secure image and infrastructure. Earlier this year the group to offer Ethereum and Litecoin from New York’s financial regulator, the state Department of Financial Services (DFS), making it one of the first such exchanges to do so.

Kathryn Haun

Ms. Haun joins Coinbase’s board after a decorated career in the US Department of Justice. She is ideally suited for the role, having worked as its inaugural Digital Currency Coordinator. Most recently, she worked as a federal prosecutor at the DoJ, focusing on financial fraud, cybercrime, digital currency, and other segments.

She also played a noteworthy and integral role in the investigation into the Silk Road, infamous for being of the biggest scandals in the cryptocurrency industry to date.

Through the hire, Coinbase will continue to foster its image as a transparent and regulated retail and institutional exchange. The move also follows at the exchange over the past month or so, and so it represents a power play and a commitment to strengthening its image – adding a seasoned federal prosecutor could be just the way to accomplish this.

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