PFSOFT Unveils New Updates for Protrader Platform, Adds Reuters’ MetaStock

Multi-asset trading platform developer PFSOFT has expanded its pool of analytical tools for PTMC solutions suite, in an ongoing bid to offer enhanced usability and robust functionality wrapped up in a spectacular design, according to a PFSOFT statement.

The developer of trading software for a wide range of market participants has expanded its pool of data providers after completing a new integration of MetaStock Real Time and MetaStock XENITH which are powered by Thomson Reuters.

MetaStock XENITH is designed for retail traders who are looking for a real-time and historical data solution. The charting package is based on the MetaStock system, a staple of Thomson Reuters financial platforms. It is important to note that you will not be able to actually execute trades with this software. Therefore, although traders can use the system to scan the markets and find opportunities, a separate trading platform for executing trades is needed.

The Protrader multi-asset platform now offers connection to several brokers, platforms and data feed providers, which operate on multiple markets including forex, stocks, options, futures, and CFDs.

The new deal means that brokers who choose Protrader will be able to connect it to MetaStock’s key features which covers news, analytics, and fundamentals available in a desktop.

Further developments for quick management

The second batch of changes concerns the platform’s volumetric tools. A new analytical tool was added to provide clients with the ability to capture each change in the ‘Buy&Sell volume’ for the volume profile. Now on one profile, the trader can see the volume traded by bid and ask, and visually assess which side controls the market.

Expanding the capabilities of volume analytics, the company added a new charting indicator dubbed ‘Volume Profile’, which displays trading activity over a specified time period at certain price levels. The indicator takes the total volume traded at a specific price level during the specified period and divides it either into buy volume or sell volume and then makes that information easily visible to the trader.

Along with that, PFSOFT advertised the latest version of its hot buttons which promises that will make it easier to manage orders plus a couple of new features. The client now can use stop orders by a mouse click on the market depth, set autocenter types, cancel last or active orders, and many more functions with the hotkeys.

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