Patientory Launches Token Sale to Put Medical Records on a Blockchain

Patientory, an American blockchain healthcare tech startup, has today announced the launch of its token sale. Investors are offered PTY, the token that will power the Patientory network, which is a secure, closed loop distributed ledger system for the US healthcare ecosystem.

The project’s goal is a patient-centered protocol supported by blockchain technology that will empower individuals to manage their health records in a format that offers interoperability and security. It encrypts medical patient information in hospitals and insurance companies in a distributed system.

Chrissa McFarlane

Patientory CEO, Chrissa McFarlane says: “In order for the US to successfully move away from the fee-for-service model to the current value-based model, there has to be a healthcare IT infrastructure that allows organizations to link quality, value and effectiveness of medical interventions through a reputable compensation model.”

“Our proposal renders the ability for payors to transfer PTY tokens as incentives to providers that offer superior care that yield better patient care outcomes to be compensated proportionally to their effort in the resulting shared savings,” continued McFarlane.

The developers say that being able to coordinate patient care via a blockchain health information exchange alleviates unnecessary services and duplicate tests with lowering costs and improvements in efficiencies of the continuum care cycle.

“Digital health transformation is happening now,” commented McFarlane. “We’re really excited to launch our token sale and empower the healthcare community to support blockchain technology and its ability to truly disrupt healthcare and drive faster innovation.”

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